Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Louis Vuitton presents 'Bubbling with Elegance'

In strictly chronological terms, it is the second oldest Louis Vuitton iconic daily bag yet timeless in spirit.

Its birth date of 1932 places this bag at the start of an exceptional decade that saw the creation of the Speedy, the lam and the Keepall. 

The story of its creation? Well, that's the stuff of legend. Looking for a stylish way to transport his valuable vintages, a champagne producer placed a special order with Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He designed a timelessly simple bucket shape, which could hold four bottled upright and a fifth upside down, secured with a supple leather drawstring.

The original model crafted from natural leather, pale gold like the champagne it was destined to carry, and light as its exuberant ribbons of bubbles and since then has appeared in many guises - most famously, of course Louis Vuitton's emblematic Monogram canvas.

Today, it can be found in a myriad incarnations, from Damier Azur to colorful Epi leather - each time different, yet still, somehow, the same. In this video, it appears in all sizes  and shapes: handed down from mother to daughter its distinctive drawstring is symbolic of an enduring bond of elegance.

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