Friday, November 1, 2013

Ferragamo: Walking Stories Episode 8

The final episode of Walking Stories by Luca Guadagnino for Salvatore Ferragamo.

J.Crews Antique Inspired Jewelry

J.Crews exclusive collection with Lulu Frost, the reigning queen of statement jewels, designed for them in downtown NYC.
Designer Liz Salzer inherited her love of vintage treasures from her grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, who owned an estate-jewelry business.

"Lisa's designs are always so evocative. This collection's inspired by the turning of the seasons, vintage maps and Neil Young's sons 'Harvest Moon"" - Tracy, J.Crew's Discoverer
The Collection:

Introducing Rent the Runway @ Henri Bendel NY

The dress is just the beginning . . .

Visit Rent the Runway at Henri Bendel's Fifth Ave Flagship.

Make a date with a dress.

Rend the Runway at Henri Bendel is like your fashionable best friend's closet, only bigger. A comfortable, relaxing, social space to try on designer dresses, plan your virtual wardrobe, and most of all, have fun. Go play dress up with all your favorites, and rent the ones you love most. 

Plus! Get advice from a Rent the Runway Go-to-Girl. Think of her as equal parts fashion expert, confidante, and friend who'll make you look and feel amazing. 
Monday - Saturday, 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday, 12:00pm to 7pm

To book an appointment, visit: (Walk-ins also welcome)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Intermix: Holiday Look Book 2013

Height of the Season

Holiday dressing calls for distinctive chic style, and Intermix is inviting us to indulge in the standout statements captivating us this season. Striking tuxedo details impart classic elegance to silhouettes we covet, like the slim-cut jacket and smartly tailored jumpsuit an inspired favorite. Leather makes a lustrous encore with a collection of soiree-ready separates, while the black evening dress commands opulence with peekaboo panels and an ornate lace-mesh motif. The defining accent? radiant accessories that render the ultimate head-to-toe look to ring the season in high style.

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A Twentysomething Party Vs. A Thirtysomething Party

Twentysomething party: The fun doesn’t really get going until 11:30 p.m.
Thirtysomething party: Everyone arrives promptly at 8.
Twenties: You invite a million people and don’t care how many people are coming.
Thirties: Your guest rolled in with five of her friends and didn’t RSVP???
Twenties: Just throw your stuff wherever, it doesn’t matter.
Thirties: You gather coats and put them on your bed. Or on an actual coatrack!
The punch at a twentysomething party: a vat of Sunkist orange soda and Popov.
Thirties: EVERYONE brings a bottle of red wine.
Twenties: huddling in the bedroom to do drugs.
Thirties: huddling in bedrooms to look at someone’s wedding dress Pinterest board.
At a twentysomething party: checking out someone.
Thirtysomething party: checking out someone’s Vitamix.
Twentysomething party: dancing to the latest tunes.
Thirties: discussing your passionate feelings about Jonathan Franzen.
Twentysomething party: Food is a couple of bags of random tortilla chips.
Thirtysomething party: Someone brought something homemade and uber-fancy to show off how good they are at cooking.
Twentysomething party: Your neighbors ask you to turn the music down.
Thirties: YOU ask you to turn the music down.
Twenties: That one person brings an ironic six-pack of Smirnoff Ice.
Thirties: That one person brings their baby.
Twenties: getting mad when you catch people hooking up in your bedroom.
Thirties: getting mad when you catch a guest doing the dishes for you.
Twentysomething party games:
Thirtysomething party games:
Twenties: Take a bunch of shots with your fun quasi-alcoholic friend.
Thirties: Talk in concerned, hushed tones about how your quasi-alcoholic friend needs to “get it under control.”
Twenties: getting mad when people steal your stuff.
Thirties: getting mad when someone accidentally takes home your casserole dish instead of theirs.
After a party in your twenties: You let the mess linger for days. (Maybe even…weeks.)
Thirtysomething party: You clean up that night (and your friends pitch in!).
Twenties: After the party it’s the after-party, then after the party it’s the hotel lobby.
After a fun night with your friends, at any age: