Friday, July 19, 2013

Music: Nicolas Jaar "And I Say"

"And I Say" Is one of Nicolas Jaar favorite tracks. He made this edit as a dj tool for himself but decided to share it with us, thank god, we love his new mix, enjoy!

The Limited Edition SC Bag by Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton

The Bling Ring director has teamed up with French fashion house Louis Vuitton to unveil a new limited edition version of the iconic 2009 S.C. bag, available to buy exclusively from the Bon Marche Rive Gauche in Paris. 

The link between Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton is something of a love story. A close friend of creative director Marc Jacobs, the director posed of the brand's luxury luggage line ad campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz alongside her father Francis Ford Coppola in 2008. A longtime lover of fashion, Sofia visited the historic Louis Vuitton workshops in Asnieres, near Paris, with the intention of placing an oder but, inspired by the Speedy and Keepall models she ended up designing her dream bag, the SC. Since then the calfskin leather bag has known great success as a model in its own right. This season the SC has been given a rainbow-clolored update withe the addition of an extra long shoulder strap and will be available to buy in a smaller size. And it doesn't end there, Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton have something else up their sleeve to celebrate the bag's 2013 comeback: a special edition of the SC bag exclusively designed for the Bon Marche Rive Gauche: the designer's favorite shopping stop-off when in Paris. Available in the classic size as well as the smaller BB model, the new bag boasts fuchsia pink color pop pipping meticulously applied by Louis Vuitton artisans echoing its similarly vibrant lining. A real gem available to buy from September 21 at the Bon Marche, Ru de Sevres Paris. 
 photo le_sac_sc_de_sofia_coppola_et_louis_vuitton_en___dition_limit__e_au_bon_march___248423993_north_545x1_zps292ba0ff.jpeg
 photo le_sac_sc_de_sofia_coppola_et_louis_vuitton_en___dition_limit__e_au_bon_march___52008012_north_545x1_zps9ef00ce5.jpeg
 photo les_sacs_sc_de_sofia_coppola_et_louis_vuitton_en___dition_limit__e_pour_le_bon_march___rive_gauche__prix_sur_demande__32942_zpsb5f897a8.jpeg
 photo le_sac_sc_de_sofia_coppola_et_louis_vuitton_en___dition_limit__e_pour_le_bon_march___rive_gauche__prix_sur_demande_66522569_zps78bae0da.jpeg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Call Me Cupcake: No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake

 photo 9091550760_f8a63b1de6_o_zpsa04a2b02.jpg
 photo 9089330465_ed5b6d298a_o_zpsf776bec8.jpg
 photo 9089330605_5cd87a7b20_o_zpseb115b24.jpg
 photo 9091550634_a71134342e_o_zps6dff0a23.jpg
No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake

11 digestive biscuits (about 160g)
60 g butter, melted
200 g strawberries, hulled
175 ml sugar (160 g)
1 lime, juice and zest
250 g mascarpone
300 g cream cheese
400 ml heavy cream
Extra strawberries for decoration

Mix biscuits in a food processors until finely ground. Combine crumbs with melted butter. Cover the bottom of a 18-24 cm (7.9 inch) springform with the mixture and put in the freezer while preparing the filling. 
Mix strawberries, sugar, lime juice and lime zest in a food processor or blender. In a large bowl, combine mascarpone, cream cheese and heavy cream and beat until creamy. Add the strawberry puree and mix until incorporated. Pour batter over the prepared crust, cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight. Remove from freezer at least 20-30 minutes before serving. 

Del Toro Shoes

Del Toro is a luxury lifestyle brand based out of Miami, Florida. Originally a men's brand, Del Toro now produces shoes and accessories for both men and women. Matthew Chevallard, Co-founder and Creative Director of Del Toro, was born in Torino, Italy. Del Toro was founded in 2005, and originally sought to fill a void in the marketplace for affordable customized velvet slippers.

Through this success, the collection evolved to include new styles such as wingtips, chukkas, sneakers, drivers and espadrilles. Del Toro prides itself on offering a fresh take on classic silhouettes. All products are hand made on the Adriatic Coast of Italy, and are constructed of the finest Nappa leathers, suedes, and velvets. Chevallard insists that his designs cater to "grow up sneakers heads." He infuses hi own personal style into every detail of his designs, which is evident in the unique details and compelling color combinations found throughout his collections.

Inspiration for the brand is drawn from a combination of Matthew's Italian heritage, a Palm Beach prep aesthetics from his childhood, and edgy New York and Japanese street style. Del Toro offers an array of products for people who are seeking refined contemporary footwear and accessories. 
 photo 1a_zps97ffff1e.jpg
 photo 2_zpsab96c520.jpg
 photo 3_zps473d7ad3.jpg
 photo 9_zpsb320fe77.jpg
 photo 10_zpsf966e79c.jpg
 photo 11_zps5827d96e.jpg
 photo 12_zpse0772129.jpg
 photo 14_zpsa896be6b.jpg
 photo 13_zps0569a28f.jpg
 photo 17_zps65fc6f61.jpg
 photo 20_zps1aaf827d.jpg
 photo 19_zpseb21c1ba.jpg
Located in Windwood Miami

Our favorite Styles
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-16at52257PM_zps09693028.png
Gold Glitter Slipper, $325
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-16at60600PM_zpsd1c55596.png
Leopard Pony Hair Alto Chukka, $340
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-16at60828PM_zps630da912.png
Wingtip with Pink Micro Sole, $330
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-16at60853PM_zps9f2846d0.png
Cobalt Leather Espadrille, $185
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-16at61004PM_zpsc9da51be.png
Pink Suede Driver, $325
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Pink Trotters: Glam Trip & Fun

Pinktrotters Project was founded to bring together a community of women with passion for traveling and desire to network with like-minded, international women. 
 photo Glam-Trips-Fun-traveling-for-international-women-pinktrotters-com-about-us3-1000x450_zps870992f1.jpg
The founder's personal travel experience, combined with the expertise of a tour operator active in the sector for 15 years, allows them to ensure that you have a completely unique experience.

"Because great minds think alike, we want to relax in the comfort of like-minded women that are as International and glamorous as you are."

Their mission is to bring cosmopolitan women together for an experience they will never forget and to keep up the community long after the holiday has ended. 

Their philosophy is to care amore about HOW than the WHERE. They like to re-invent the experience of popular tourist destinations, and infuse some originality to the trips. They take pride in carefully selecting experiences that are intimate and undiscovered.

By using their connection and experience, they will always go our of their way to discover and offer you the best places to eat, sleep, live and experience fanciful nights and unforgettable fun! The organization of the trip will be flexible, they give you the keys, and it's your choice which doors to open!

Every trip will have a singular unique characteristic or activity that will make the experience one to always remember.

Their Glam Escapes
 photo CAPRI16-800x450_zps34e7578a.jpg
Capri-Ischia Sailing
 photo ibiza-900x450_zpsc4e12dd8.jpg
 photo Venice_Italy-1000x450_zps2f22ead1.jpg
 photo Street-Style-Snaps-from-Milan-Fashion-Week-Trend-Spotting-Pointy-Toed-Pumps-Shop-Trend-550x450_zps256ed2ab.jpg
 photo DSC00203-1000x450_zps97c7e645.jpg
 photo abu-dhabi-pinktrotters-desert1-1000x450_zps845580c8.jpg

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forbes: Champagne Anti-Anging Regiment

Champagne Anti-Aging Regiment Could Improve Memory, Research Suggests
 photo dnews-files-2013-05-drinking-champagne-improves-memory-660-jpg_zps94279bd8.jpg
New research indicates that moderate Champagne (or any sparkling wine) consumption has a positive effect on memory as we age; now isn’t that the good news you’ve been waiting for? According to researchers at the UK’s Reading University, specific polyphenol compounds in red grapes are believed to improve spatial memory and assist in memory storage. These phenols slow the loss of proteins (a loss commonly associated with aging) that are responsible for storing memory.  Red wine is known to have these phenols, but researchers weren’t so sure about bubbly.

Researchers gave some lucky rats champagne-laced food while the control group of rats was merely offered ordinary food. They then placed the rats in a maze in search of food. Five minutes later they placed the rats in the same maze to see which group best remembered the location of the food. The ritzy rats with Champagne-laced food had a 70% success rate over the ordinary food rats (who had a mere 50% success rate). After six weeks of Champagne with dinner, the Champagne rats showed a 200% increase in memory-boosting proteins.  So, the news is good: Champagne made with red grapes (sometimes referred to as ‘blanc de noir’) has a high phenolic content.  However, Champagne made with white grapes, known as ‘blanc de blanc,’ does not boast as high a phenolic content so read your label carefully. It’s worth noting that any sparkling wine made from red grapes qualifies as high in phenolics, whether it’s sparkling Shiraz or sparkling Oregon Pinot Noir.  For medical purposes I recommend sticking to Champagne; if you’re going to do this, then do it right.

The other good news: In a December 2009 study, Champagne was also identified as improving heart health and reducing risk of stroke. 

'A Breath of Mobility' by Yasuaki Onishi for Mercedes Benz

His art is compared with floating miniature mountains. He himself sees emptiness and fills it. In the film the Japanese artist, Yasuaki Onishi, depicts the flowing lines of the Mercedes-Benz CLA -creating a sense of lightness, aesthetics and impressive work of art.

Trending: Stacked Knuckle Rings

Start stacking! 

Add some sparkle to your hands with your favorite knuckle rings. These cute midi rings are a huge trend right now and can be mixed and matched with your everyday jewelry, here is how.
 photo e8f9cf367402cf0f431ed5f15593fe04_zpsa0e6e5d7.jpg
 photo il_fullxfull386434879_igsj_zps05094d9d.jpg
 photo Screen-Shot-2013-03-22-at-83216-AM_zpse346c2f4.png
 photo il_fullxfull419414368_848e_zps51d9e8ce.jpg
 photo tumblr_mk000c2gGD1qfrtudo1_1280_zps08f8a1be.jpg
 photo knuckle-rings_zpsa6b01b88.jpg
 photo knuckle-rings-25_zps38c1c8d4.jpg
 photo MyntBoxStackedrings_zps4e92489b.png

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goop X Soludos

Soludos recently teamed up with one of our favorite sources of inspiration, Goop. Created by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. 

Goop has selected their favorite styles for women, men and kids in black, blue, navy, red and white. These easy to slip on's are the perfect go-to summer shoe, made from cotton linen with a natural jute sole. 

Every order on comes with a special Goop X Soludos canvas tote. 
 photo P-Ri0_eK9z-jSuKtXat987P-mETLADmSAimp-ThG3bQ5iw5wkx4CQRkXva0GCEZMddOB909iWVtLd3SVrE4fKs_zpsae14c432.jpeg  photo D4WTt24NfP_PY_jtmZe3fU-r5BTFvlRwGl0GOnQX2s8G1uQch_h7g2QMOGWaBbd93IR5arqP2Kq1RPaep_L66c-copy_zps26af8ce8.jpeg  photo k1tM_NlBSwGUUWLUTR8HgxdeE3ssszBHe1ehwoDtCeolrejp0OWrOOLOmnCHjfUj57Jqm7vTq9vNmbUq_WIhNM_zps7b0bc74e.jpeg  photo foaW86tN_QUW1ShvitAhTlccPZK1iLmSuew1vsu1HpM_zps360509b4.jpeg  photo kfUbQnhcYb29BwLOJ1cLNXlTbx1vt1HK8MrRYan72PYVkp9ndJ9LAZ6NOgfMkHjeOVw4VYOarIMEhSu-XHUYMA_zpsfe70d5c3.jpeg  photo pVtWKpXE-rTPOoz5805MxYybpkoyGfCGnnvq5ZjTw0w_zpsba9009da.jpeg  photo Wu1VBXf3Z1ldaxzj7HYdnQwfYXf0EPW2rqNyVYoPmJIXrse5W594s3BsiieEpQK2wWy47OTfpVqUmISwMF8Ghs_zpsf26545e0.jpeg
Available for $28-$32

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