Friday, April 26, 2013

The Haas Brothers for Versace Home

The LA-based artist and designers Nikolai and Simon Haas have created a special collection for Versace Home

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Assouline: French Style

"Fashion has to due with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
- Gabrielle Chanel

From Abbé Pierre and Brigitte Bardot to Yves Saint Laurent and Zidane, French history abounds with artists and intellectuals, music and screen legends, thinkers and inventors, et bien sûr, chic. French Style exports the country’s best—innovations from universal human rights to the bikini, philosophical and literary luminaries from the Enlightenment to Existentialism, gastronomic delights and Nouvelle Vague cinema. With dynamic photographs juxtaposing concepts from haute couture and scientific advancements to pop stars and popular culture, French Style is as sophisticated as the nation it celebrates. This lavishly illustrated, fun and informal yet surprisingly informative compendium brings to life the savoir faire and joie de vivre that is French Style.
 photo yhst-30868769906465_2260_7349856_zps74609ccb.jpeg  photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at102318PM_zpsb8f73e87.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at102305PM_zpsb49f0037.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at102244PM_zps508b2e0a.png

Chef Mon Coeur: Artichoke Souffle Temple

 photo ALCACHOFAMC_zps160a67e7.jpg

Artichoke Hearts
4 whole garlic
1 onion, chopped
3 tbs of olive oil
Black Pepper
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1 cup of Parmesan
1/2 cup of shredded Provolone
1/2 cup of cream cheese
1 tablespoon of Oregano


Chop onion, whole garlic cloves and place in pan with olive oil, fry until it turns light browns. Place artichokes hearts mix well with onion and garlic, black pepper, salt and oregano. Add white wine until reduced. 

Remove from heat and quickly add cream and mix until its smooths. Finally put everything in a blender along with the Parmesan, Provolone and cream cheese, mix well until it becomes a paste. 

In a bowl place the mozzarella and make a crust. When you serve, with a torch make a crispy crust of mozzarella.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trending: Chambray Shirts

With new ombre and pat work styles, the chambray shirt gets a  noteworthy update for spring
- WhoWhatWear
 photo ab56f3b75c8402e5d50c6355d1b96d62_zps5cdfb04d.jpg
 photo 5efbb042a7d381b34ffec7f850796e7d_zps1a532233.jpg  photo e34963bcb137cab653b3b56729845268_zps0c0bb267.jpg  photo 8e912dc6ed8919fe144b5f160589bd6b_zpsa9bce177.jpg  photo 3cb450909509691f8b66158ce7de0812_zpse974160d.jpg  photo 54633af0f921157b3d2cc02890c53185_zps20cead7e.jpg
 photo 43858097da464cd89226b9c6b7017c00_zps1287f042.jpg  photo 796b5f55f154d0985da7ad28d26f5c27_zps226dd4e5.jpg  photo dc07dd83bcf3f812ded323f1e489ad2a_zps6bff2ce4.jpg  photo e4bc109fbf8395010a68a766b6a7870c_zps6bfcdab1.jpg
 photo 2fd669c11aefc90ba195a47403b519a4_zps217a9941.jpg
Carefully curated by Fashionation

5 fashionable and affordable Chambray shirts
 photo 2068040400_6_1_1_zps24ea58cb.jpg 
Zara, Bleached Chambray Shirt, $59.90
 photo cn5885805_zps4edb6718.jpg 
Gap, 1969 Chambray Boyfriend Shirt $49.95
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at94801PM_zps693ac39a.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at94813PM_zps862871e3.png 
Anthropologie, Dip-Dye Chambray Buttondown, $88.00
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at94546PM_zps24b52c3a.png 
J.Crew, Faded Chambray Popover $78.00
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at94100PM_zps1ad74aac.png
Madewell, Denim Boyshirt in Campground Wash, $88.00

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Introducing Fiori by VInce Camuto

The new limited edition fragrance for women

Inspired by blossoming delphiniums in Vince Camuto's personal garden, this new Fiore fragrance combines scents of luscious pink grapefruit, ripened white nectarine, sheer iris and dewy freesia with a rich base of sandalwood and creamy blonde cedarwood. This contemporary fragrance is invigorating light, and smooth. The summer scent embodies the independent spirit of the Vince Camuto woman.
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-24at84127PM_zps9235ff59.png
 photo VCFIORIF1100_zps61d9cefd.jpg

Chivas Canana Presents: Drifting Part II by Gael Garcia Bernal

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michael Kors Zip it Up Continental

 Zip it Up, part wallet, part clutch-all luxe. This Continental wallet is the ideal on-the go essential.

"The perfect spring frock seamlessly foes from coffee to cocktails-just add a clutch."
- Michael Kors
 photo 933977_504936586234502_112309242_n_zps03b985b9.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at92729PM_zpsc2fe7f0f.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at92959PM_zps66b92425.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at93124PM_zpsd76e40e3.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at93624PM_zps052e2540.png
Available in Neon Yellow, Mandarin, Neon Pink and Turquoise.

Chivas Canana Presents: Drifting Part I by Diego Luna

 photo chivas-canana-drifting-by-gael-garcia-bernal-backstage_zps35bd5ac6.jpg
Life-long friends Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, and Pablo Cruz founded a film company Canana to work together on projects they were passionate about. Chivas Regal, the scotch whiskey was inspired by their story and became partner with Canana. They are going be releasing a two-part short film following the adventures of a group of life-long friends, the first part directed by Diego and the conclusion by Gael. Their directorial collaboration not only brings friendship to life on the screen, but behind it as well.
 photo chivas-canana-drifting-by-gael-garcia-bernal-backstage-2-600x400_zps519793b5.jpg
We are going to be posting Drifting part II tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Arethusa Farm: The Dairy Built in Stiletto Shoes

"Much Like in the Fashion World, There's a Great Deal of Jealousy and Rivalry in Dairy Farming"

George Malkemus, the CEO of Monolo Blahnik, gave that quote to The Wall Street Journal, which just published an expose of one the greatest secrets of the fashion world: Malkemus and the other top-ranking executive at Monolo Blahnik, vice-president Tony Yurgaitis, run a diary farm. Called Arethusa, it produces milk that's allegedly finer and certainly costlier than most. Its 23 retail accounts include Whole Foods, where you can buy a half-gallon for $4.49 - or more than twice the national retail average. 

What you're paying for, as with Manolo Blahnik shoe, is quality. This isn't fast milk produced without thought or imagination by ripping off another dairy farmer's design - this milk comes from well-bred, very well-cared cows that are treated like ladies.

Arethusa cultivates an aura of haute-living heifers. A sign above abode reads: "Every cow in this barn is a lady, please treat her as such."

They munch on the finest, protein-enriched hay and rest upon soft wood shavings from Canada. Workers vacuum their bodies on a daily basis in a spa-like room. ("There's not a single fly" on any cow, boasts Mr. Malkemus.)

To plump up their coats and tails, cows are treated with some of the same beauty products used by ladies who lunch. Brands like Artec shampoo are slathered on dark-haired cows, while Pantene is a preferred for the blonder bovines.

One dairy farmer sneers that, while his barns may not be like the Ritz, Arethusa's milk isn't even organic since the cows get antibiotics when they're sick. So he passes Arethusa's milk off as "conventional". Fine. We all know there's nothing conventional about a cow that pays more attention to its choice of shampoo in relation to its hair color that the average human. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at105623PM_zps17a5cb70.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at105719PM_zpsda99d0c7.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at105747PM_zpse81c6ccd.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at105810PM_zps419d75f8.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at94911PM_zps1080cde9.png

Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing The Style Ouija

After two successful issues of Remix Magazine US, Beauty Director Daniel Martin and Fashion Director Emily Barnes sought a different medium that would allow them immediacy in delivering more information to their readership. Thus, they have created an online magazine/blog mixing Fashion and Beauty, with personal, exclusive insight into the Fashion Industry. 
 photo home_1_zps94a4ffaa.jpg
 photo home_2_zps53e76310.jpg

New L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Hair Color

Now Ombre is in your hands

Introducing the first at-home coloring system to create the hottest, most sought-after hair color trend - the ombre effects. The Patented Expert Brush allows for easy creation of ombre looks from subtle and sexy to bold and edgy. It's easy as brushing your hair.

 photo Feria-Wild-Ombre_slider_1_zps6315fca1.jpg
 photo Feria-Wild-Ombre_slider_2_zpsbf75a4c5.jpg
 photo Feria-Wild-Ombre_slider_3_zpsf9bbbdc5.jpg

Where the Fashionistas Sleep

Coco Chanel said, "fashion is in the sky and in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Today, she could add "in a hotel room" to that list, as the fashion world turns into exacting eye to hotel design. Jetsetter has selected five high-style properties from some of the fashion's greatest tastemakers, including Moschino's surrealist gem in Milan, a 15th-century Verona villa transformed by Byblo's founder and Sra. Rosita Missoni's colorful city hotel in Edinburgh. Or, if you have designs on a beach escape, hang up your heels and head to Oscar de la Renta's Dominican Republic resort or Ralph Lauren's Jamaican escape. Whatever you taste, these designers destinations promise style in spades.Modern 

Missoni in Edinburgh
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjAwH3Y3OaLJjgZGV4ZmDgZGZjAQLkAQD0BF1mpzZhnaOa-1_zps50e168e5.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjAwH3Y3OaLJjgAQZjZmHgZGZjAQLkAQD0Al1mpzZhnaOa_zps12b6688c.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjAwH3Y3OaLJjgAwNjAGtgZGZjAQLkAQD0Al1mpzZhnaOa_zpsbbd3d4e5.jpeg photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjAwH3Y3OaLJjgAQV2AGRgZGZjAQLkAQD0BP1mpzZhnaOa_zpsf56101a0.jpeg
Maison Moschino
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmx2AQHipTquoP0lAmLmBP0kZwx5AGZmZmDlYKAlLl5dpTp_zps9eed3838.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmx2AQHipTquoP0mZGp3Av0kZwx5AGZmZmDlYKAlLl5dpTp_zps81fcfdcb.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmx2AQHipTquoP0kBGH2AP0kZwx5AGZmZmDlYKAlLl5dpTp_zps9d352082.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmx2AQHipTquoP03BGpjZl0kZwx5AGZmZmDlYKAlLl5dpTp_zps0566250c.jpeg
Oscar de la Renta's Beach Hotel
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjZwxjY3OaLJjgZmD4BGLgZGZjZwNlBGZlZv1mpzZhnaOa_zps683fbc81.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjZwxjY3OaLJjgBQZ2ZQxgZGZjZwNlBGZlZv1mpzZhnaOa_zps42ddcff4.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjZwxjY3OaLJjgAwR0ZmNgZGZjZwNlBGZlZv1mpzZhnaOa_zps315df4ee.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmRjZwxjY3OaLJjgZGZ5AQLgZGZjZwNlBGZlZv1mpzZhnaOa_zpsa1d0eef3.jpeg
Lavish Lacroix in Paris
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl82AQHipUWipP01BQt3AP0kZmV1Awx0ZQVmYKAlLl5dpTp_zpsd6c72275.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl82AQHipUWipP01AQLmBF0kZmV1ZQR1ZGpmYKAlLl5dpTp_zps41bfe84c.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl82AQHipUWipP0mAmRkZP0kZmV1Awx0ZQV0YKAlLl5dpTp_zpsb84fc747.jpeg
Ralph Laurens Cool Caribbean Hotel
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmHjAQRipTquoP0mBQt1BF0kZmRkAmtlBQVlYKAlLl5dpTp_zpsc3b02330.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmHjAQRipTquoP0mZwtjZv0kZmRkAmtlBQVjYKAlLl5dpTp_zpsbfe37a13.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmHjAQRipTquoP0kZQVjZl0kZmRkAmtlBQVkYKAlLl5dpTp_zpsba4e4123.jpeg
 photo ZGVjZPb2ZQNfnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl9yMTy0o3WcLJklMKMcMKqmYmHjAQRipTquoP03ZmVmZF0kZmRkAmtlBQVkYKAlLl5dpTp_zps44076ea9.jpeg