Friday, November 8, 2013

Music: Marcos Dos Santos 'Not On The Guest List'

Listen to Marco Dos Santos Not on the guest list!

Art House: Deny Textiles - Urban Outfitters

DENY Designs is an ever-changing collective of talented artists who churn out fresh, statement-making pieces, all proudly made in the USA. These unique items are a fun and easy way to infuse an ordinary room with effortless originality, and a portion of each purchase goes toward supporting art communities worldwide. 

Our Top Picks
Robert Farkas For Deny Sunny Leo Duvet Cover, $129-$169
Leah Flores For Deny Into The Wild Pillow, $44

212 VIP: World Tour - Are You on the List?

The most selective and craziest group of people traveling around the world and meeting the most VIP people in Rio De Janeiro, Moscow and Dubai.

Watch Season 3 with us + vote for your favorite night and win a trip to NYC!
Calu Rivero
Actress & DJ
From Argentina
Gerard Estadella
Photographer & DJ
From Barcelona
Coco Young
Photographer & Model
From New York City

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Can Stress Actually Kill You?

Should you stress about stress?

Ray Ban's New Folding Clubmaster Glasses

They did it with the Aviator and Wayfarer model. Now Ray-Ban has released a foldable variant of its Clubmaster sunglasses. 

Available in four different designs.

Alexa Chung's First Makeup Line

Alexa Chung has joined Eyeko on their mission ensuring no make-up bag is without Eyeko’s award winning mascaras and liners. Style icon Alexa will work closely with founders Nina and Max Leykind on all aspects of the business.
About Alexa
Alexa Chung is an award winning presenter, model and writer with an impressive list of credits including Contributing Editor to British Vogue and Style Ambassador for the British Fashion Council. Often referred to as a global style icon, Alexa won Style Icon for the third year running at the British Fashion Awards in 2013. Alexa has presented several fashion and music TV shows both in the UK and the USA and has graced the covers of over 100 International magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, L’Officiel, Teen Vogue and ELLE. As a talented illustrator, photographer and muse to a number of top fashion designers Alexa’s latest role sees her working closely with Eyeko sharing her knowledge and creativity to create some truly unique products and concepts for the brand.

“Liquid liner is my savior,” Chung said. “Other people like other things to feel like they look normal, but for me, I’m pretty much naked without my eyeliner on. It’s my comfort blanket.” WWD
The limited edition gift set, includes 'Eye Do' mascara, liquid liner, a poster of Chung's doodles and a guitar pick-shaped thing to help prevent smudging.

Alexa Chung for Eyeko will be available Nov.14 exclusively on, London's Selfridges and Sephora stores on January, retailing at $39.20

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Soraya Bakhtiar X Skinfeelings

Spotted on the most stylish influencers during this fall fashion weeks from New York to Paris, Soraya Bakhtiar x Skin Feelings ephemeral messages tattoo collection are this fall unexpected but essential accessory.
Available in limited edition on, the capsule collection revolves around three themes, designed by Soraya herself:
Get Lucky - LoveStruck - Free Spirit
Anybody can adopt them as a permanent tattoo.
These little mantras take all their meaning according to one’s inner vibes: a small reminder during the day to get you motivated, but also a discrete message to share or keep private.
Soraya Bakhtiar x Skin Feelings Ephemeral Messages are the ultimate fashion accessory to adorn your skin, to mix with your jewels and to match to your outfits.
These ephemeral messages can last between 1 to 5 days, depending of the tattooed area.

Make-up tip: To get a more realistic effect, apply some loose powder with a brush when the tattoo is dry. This way, it will last longer !
Soraya Bakhtiar and Skin Feelings invite all their clients and future clients to share their pictures on their social media networks.
Be Creative ! One Hashtag to remember: #sorayaskinfeelings

Get the Look
Shop the Collection

Get Lucky, $16
Lovestruck, $16

Claire Danes in the covers of the December issue of Interview

The Interview:

DUSTIN HOFFMAN: I have to say, I haven't always been a television-watcher, but I'm becoming one now because a lot of the art in what we do seems to be happening on TV. You have these extraordinary actors and directors and writers doing these amazing things. I know that you've worked in television before, but what has this experience been like for you working on Homeland?

CLAIRE DANES: I'd actually only done one series before Homeland—and I was 14 when I did it, and we only made 19 episodes—so Homeland has really been my first time aging with a character and experiencing her develop and change. I know that this is not an uncommon story, but I got excited again about television from watching The Wire. That show blew me away; I just could not believe how enormous and layered this world was that they'd created, and how deeply I could delve into it. It was just so thrilling to watch a show like that as an audience member that I became interested in getting involved in something like that on the other side, as a performer. But working on Homeland has been very rewarding. I really enjoy the relationship that an actor has with a team of writers on a show like ours. It's a very intimate process. You really have to work in tandem.

HOFFMAN: In a sense, you're almost like a co-writer.

DANES: Well, there's no way that I could spin the kinds of stories that our writers spin—I'm always dazzled by their imaginations. But it becomes a conversation because the writers are writing for you, and you are interpreting what they write, and then they riff on what you're doing, and on and on it goes. The writers start writing for you, which maybe was more common in film a long time ago, when there were these auteurs who had these communities of actors around them that they built over time and created little cultures around. But there's something so wonderful about that shorthand, that intimacy, and that kind of an economy that develops. You can do a lot in a very condensed period of time because there's so much that becomes tacitly understood. After a certain point, you also don't have to really research because you and the writers have actually developed a history together in real-time. You don't have to imagine what came before for the character because you've actually done a lot of it and worked through it together, which is cool. 

By Dustin Hoffman
Photography Fabien Baron

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(via Interview)

L'Occitane: Shea Butter Collector's Edition Hand Cream

Every year, L'Occitane pays homage to their award-winning Shea Butter Hand Cream with a collector's edition designed by their founder, Olivier Baussan, to celebrate its Burkina Faso roots. Highly concentrated with 20% shea butter to help moisturize and protect the skin, this super-creamy balm penetrates quickly to offer hands immediate softness and comfort, without leaving behind oily traces.
Shea Butter Collector's Edition Hand Cream, $28

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