Friday, July 20, 2012

Item of the Week: Graffiti Pants

This week's item of the week is Moschino's graffiti print stretch satin skinny pants. These fabulous pants are fun and super trendy. 

We fell in love with this pants when we saw supermodel Gisele Bundchen modeling them in her July spread for Brazilian Vogue. Gisele wears amazing pieces with bright colors, bold patterns, and tons of designer cloths like the polka dot pants from Louis Vuitton's special collection with artist Yayoi Kusama. 

See Gisele Bundchen cover July's Brazilian Vogue, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and our item of the week:


Graffiti-print stretch-satin skinny pants

To buy click on the link below:

Shop the World with L - Atitude

Have you experienced L-Atutude before? If you haven't we recommend you to do so. The site is an online portal for shopping trips around the world, with exotic, exclusive and edgy finds from the world's most stylish cities. 

If you like to shop precious and unique things from around he world you are going to love this site. You are introduced with designers and traditional artisans constantly, from New  York, Milan, Mumbai, Hong Kong and beyond, all very talented with amazing pieces.

You will be able to shop accessories, bags, clothing, fine jewelry, things for your home, shoes and souvenirs. 

Here are our favorites: 
Travel Wallet
$47.00 USD
Bungalow 8
Patchwork Pompom Blue Scarf
$95.00 USD
Celeste House
Popular Craft, Yellow Handle Straw Tote
$50.00 USD
Grand Bazaar
Ikat Pillow
$95.00 USD
Mexican Bazaar
White Pattern Friendship Bracelet
$25.00 USD
Bungalow 8
Black Wrap Bangle
$55.00 USD
Celeste House
Carla Fernandez, Split Flower Bangle
$55.00 USD
Holst + Lee
Coppertown Necklace
$415.00 USD
Bali Shoes
Resort Coral Sandals
$160.00 USD
Luxe City Guides
$9.99 USD

To buy click on the link below:

Bag' n' Noun: Totes from Japan

Madewell is one of the lucky ones in the U.S to carry these covetable totes inspired by old-school toolbags. 

These beautiful bags are crafted in Japan, Osaka. Bag' n' Noun's workwear inspired  bags manage to be both fun and functional. Noun stand for "necessary or unnecessary". This new take on the traditional canvas toolbar is very unique and we love the colors in which they are featured, mustard, orange and green. Use this stylish and spacious bag to take your everyday essentials anywhere. 

Check them out: 

Bag' n' Noun Canvas Toolbag
$114.00 USD

To buy click on the link below:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art: You Are Not Banksy

Nick Stern, a British photographer based in Los Angeles has replicated some of Banky's street art in real person. Check out a series of pictures from his album "You Are Not Banksy". He did a great job replicating them, they look just like the originals. Check them out, they are pretty funny. 

To buy artwork or for more information click on the link below:

Design: Moku Desktop Chair

Want to turn your laptop or iPad into a desktop? Moku has designed a hand made desktop chair made from natural bass wood. This desktop chair simply holds your Apple laptop or iPad and turns it into a desktop machine with an external display, a keyboard and a mouser(or trackpad). We love this accessory, both stylish and practical.

One size fits all. Desktop Chair fits virtually all Apple laptops with a height of 1.2"(30mm) or less, regardless of the shape, with or without a cover.
Moku Desktop Chair
$38.00 USD

To buy click on the link below:

Music: Next SoundCloud

To all you music fanatics, a new SoundCloud is coming out! Next SoundCloud, a totally redesigned version of their web app for a simple, faster, more social SoundCloud. Next includes many new features like continuous play, sets, reposts, real-time notifications and more. 

Join today to see more, share more, hear more, and find more!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashion Icon Illustrations

Check out these amazing fashion illustrations from Joana Avillez. She illustrated the most iconic and influential fashion personalities for one of our favorite blogs Refinery29. They are so good, and the best part is that each illustration brings notes written all around with fun and interesting facts from each personality. Get to know today's most iconic fashion personalities with these super creative illustrations.