Friday, August 31, 2012

Philippines: Banago Bags

We are in love with Banago's collection of hand-woven bags, they are lovely! These beautiful bags are hand crafted by artisans in the Pacific Islands. The collection is made up of vibrant colors and exotic tribal patterns, including the unique colorful pattern design based on the body-painting traditions of the ancient tattooed "Pintados" warriors in the Philippine Islands. 

Since each pieces it carefully hand crafted, Banago gives back tremendously, supporting the local communities and their households. 

Check out Banago's 2012-2013 Lookbook. Great bags to take to the beach or to use in the summer, definitely a statement piece. Price range $88-$132 USD.
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NEWS: Biggest H&M Store Coming Soon . . .

We all love H&M for making beautiful and affordable fashion, and of course for working with today's top designers to make exclusive collections. Can't wait for the Margiela collab to come out! 

The brand just announced the opening of it's largest global store ever in NYC. We are so excited! The store is going to be huge, and is going to be located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 48th street. The store will be 57,000 square feet, and will have six levels. WOW! It's as huge as football field. The store will be the only one in NY that will sell all the brand's collections: women's, men's sportswear, ready-to-wear, lingerie, underwear, accessories, children's wear, newborn apparel, special sizes, maternity apparel and the home collection. 

ART: Shades of Change

Shades of Change is an informational installation created to highlight the various color changes that occur in nature, popular culture, and elsewhere. The project was created by Marin Dearie, an artist, designer from New Orleans. Dearie tries to create a sense of playfulness in all of her work, drawing inspiration from childhood memories and daily experience. She is a color enthusiast who is inspired by the exploration and combination of different mediums. 

We admire her work and we love her latest project "Shades of Change", it's informative and at the same time very funny. Check it out.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Au: Nobody Jeans

Check out this premium denim brand from Melbourne Australia called Nobody. Their objective is to design and to make the world's finest jeans. The brand has spent decades learning different denim characteristics and techniques that they have become experts in the way they wash and finish each look. Each jean is individually hand customized making each pair of jean unique. 

Nobody's latest collection "Tonal" presents a new take on denim, they created unique new looks through different washes and finishes. Their latest video showcases three complete Tonal denim looks in Green Envy, Blue America and Grey Phantom set against earthly Australian landscapes. Check it out!

Australian blogger Sara from "Harper & Harley" wears her Cult Skinny Jeans in Cobalt from Nobody.
Kristen Stewart wears her Cult Skinny jeans in Code from Nobody for the 2012 MET Gala after party.

Watch Nobody's Spring 2012 Video + Our top picks:
Nobody teamed up with Australian film makers The AEON, to mark the release of their Spring 2012 hero story Tonal. 

Our top picks:
Cult Skinny
$189.00 USD
Cult Skinny
$229.00 USD
Cult Skinny
$119.00 USD
Cult Skinny
$119.00 USD

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Beauty: DIY Beer Rinse

We all like a nice cold bear on a summer afternoon, it makes our day. But did you know that beer does incredible things to you hair and scalp? Yup, apparently the malt nourishes and smoothes the hair, and the yeast strengthens your strands and gives you volume. Today we are giving you a easy DIY beer rinse that we found in beautylish, one of our favorite beauty blogs, that will leave your hair shiny and soft.
The Beer Rinse
A shiny hair treatment and one of the easiest ways to reinvigorate dull, lifeless locks.

1 can of beer, room temperature (any brand)

After cleansing you hair with shampoo, pour the room temperature beer over wet locks. Massage the brew into your scalp for a few minutes, then rinse and condition.
To visit beutylish click here:

Clarins: Beauty Flash / Blog

Clarins the French skincare brand is launching a US beauty blog, called Beauty Flash. To create the blog Clarins asked cool-it girls the Courtin-Clarins sisters(who are granddaughters of the brands founder) and Faran Krentcil,(the first editor of Fashionista) to collaborate and help promote the blog.

Beauty Flash will launch September 5. The blog is going to be updated with daily beauty tips and tons of how-to videos, plus we'll also get to follow the lives of the Courtin-Clarins sisters, Virginie, Claire, Prisca and Jenna. These French girls really know how to live a glamorous life! 

Meet the Courtin-Clarins sisters
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watch: "I Love Chanel" Video / Rouge Allure

Chanel's latest video "I Love Chanel" is a tribute to famous photographer Erwin Blumenfeld. He shot various Vogue covers during his career, using collaging and other techniques in the 30's and 40's back when Photoshop didn't even exist. 

Beautiful model Solve Sunsbo shot this video to highlight the new additions to the Rouge Allure Lipstick line. 

"Men hate women who weep"
- Coco Chanel
The next generation of Rouge Allure dresses lips with unmistakable attitude. A new formula with concentrated, ultra-thin pigments offers radically intense color with full coverage and satin finish. Leaves lips supple and protected with lasting comfort. 
Rouge Allure
$34.00 USD
Luminous Intense Lip Color

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MUSIC: Estefani Brolo / Fix Myself

Check out Estefani Brolo's first single titled "Fix Myself". She is a talented singer-songwriter from Guatemala city. Her new single will make you want to dance and party all night! Enjoy
VIDEOCLIP written, directed, shot and cut by Giuseppe Badalamenti 
MUSIC & LYRICS by Estefani Brolo, PRODUCED by Francis Davila

Video shot in Guatemala, Guatemala city

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Anthropologie: Dinnerware

We are in love with Anthropology's beautiful dinnewear, every plate looks like a work of art. They are original and unique  Check them out:
Natural World Dessert Plate
$18.00 USD
Spinning Vessel Dinner Plate
$18.00 USD
Medowsweet Dinner Plate
$18.00 USD
Good Evening Dinner Plate

$18.00 USD
Lotus Dinner Plate

$18.00 USD
Sissinghurst Castle Dinner Plate

$24.00 USD

Amavel Dessert Plate

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jack & Jones: Pet Beds & Accessories

Jack & Jones sells the most amazing eco-friendly pet products which are proudly made in the U.S.A. You can find the brand in upscale boutiques nationwide. The brands main focus is on bedding, they make pouf-like "blooms" to loungers that look like mini sofas. Trust us they have the most attractive and durable beds, they combine bold prints and bright colors, and all bring a removable cover to machine-wash. Check out their stylish products: 
Premium Cotton Blends
$119 - $209
$169 - $199 USD

Nest Beds
$109 - $239 USD
Cozy Mats
$32 - $89 USD
Bloom Beds
$79 USD
$16 - $26 USD

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