Friday, June 7, 2013

Music: Robby Hunter Band 'Hard On Me'

After a long year busking in the sun-drenched, sin-ridden streets of Miami, Robby Hunter found himself being gently pushed farther down his path towards musical greatness. Moving bodies on the sidewalk with his one-man band setup, Robby had been serenading the local co-eds for months until the local authorities threatened to incarcerate him if he did not "leave or play in a real bar"

Now it's five years later, and the Robby Hunter Band (Robby, guitar and vocal; Pat Howard, drums.; John Coughlin, bass) is playing more than their fair share of South Florida's premier venues, gathering an ever larger following an anticipation of their soon-to-be released debut album. With their first tow singles "Corazon" and "Hard On Me", Robby and his merry men are bringing unique blend of Indie funk and Hip Hop straight out from Miami and to the people. 

Check out their fresh mix "Hard On Me", our favorite! 

Jeffrey Campbell: Summer 2013 Lookbook

 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES1COVER_zpsfb29805b.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES3_zps4dce367f.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES4_zpscfe0ba51.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES8_zpsef6241d1.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES9_zps5227a4d4.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES11_zps6bac7ea2.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES14_zps4453bad3.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES16_zpsb8c9a031.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES17_zps5c529bcd.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES19_zps222aa687.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES22_zps172045a2.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES23_zpsef832cec.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES5_zps7b90a0d3.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES10_zps8175c5ec.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES12_zps8be1d4b0.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES13_zps00c6ce27.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES15_zps4ec547e4.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES18_zpsd1a244ef.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES21_zps1cd44c45.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES24_zps1670da42.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES25_zpsb88fc57c.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES71_zpscbb75c52.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES61_zps48f67ce3.jpg
 photo VIOLETTEFEMMES201_zps72b341e8.jpg
Natalia Zofia & Robyn Troup shot by Sophia Alvarado

Lacoste 80th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate 80 years of revisiting the codes Lacoste created 12 limited edition customs polo kits. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Festival Beauty Alert: The Uk's First Ever Nail Art Festival

Whether or not you're heading to a music festival this summer, we can guarantee you'll be pretty excited about a beauty festival, surely? All hail the UK's first ever Nail Art Festival coming to London this July, bringing cutting edge nail art right to Londoner's fingertips. It's time to get nail-art savvy, ladies!

Cher Lloyd and Katy Perry are big fans of sharing their nail art via Instagram - we love!

Nail Art Festival 2013 will take place on the 6 and 7 July at London's liford Exchange Shipping Centre and will bethe ultimate, ahem, base coat, for you summer nail trends, whether for the festi-scene of you summer holiday. 

Whilst there's nothing like a good mani, we have admit that when it comes to nail art, we're always a little but daunted, constantly admiring from afar the amazing designs celebes are seen sporting on the red carpet. Well, fear no more ladies and get ready for some serious manicure magic! As part of the festival, a pop-up 'Finishing School' will se experts such as marian Newman(nail stylist to the likes of Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller) giving live demonstrations on how to create impressive nail designs at home. Tricks of the trade? Yes, please!
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-05at71931PM_zps0d0bccbc.png
 photo tumblr_lije6kTgtA1qfhf8lo1_500_zps2d0f28bb.jpg
 photo Black-nail-polish-gold_zpsb95ae48d.jpg
 photo dealimage_zps7fdbc626.jpg
 photo black_nail_polish_nails_zebra_animal_print_nails_design-38410287e1dbce39129ca4d8edf11513_h_large_zpscd42ad19.jpg

AOL On: #Candidly Nicole

Nicole Ritchie brings her unfiltered sense of humor and unique perspective to like in a new series based on her irreverent Twitter feed. The show follows the outspoken celebrity as she shares her perspective on style, parenting, relationships and her journey to adulthood. 
 photo gal29_zps0c9203ab.jpg
 photo gal07_zps8f70438f.jpg
 photo gal10_zps515f423a.jpg
 photo gal08_zps2694df41.jpg
 photo gal04_zps1567c7a7.jpg
 photo gal16_zps3d715d19.jpg

Episode #1 - Tramp Stamp
Episode #2 - Flower Game
Episode #3 - Style Signals
Episode #4 - Homie Hopper
Episode #5 - Think Like A Drag Queen
Episode #6 - Bangs and Bobs

Watch now!

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Zimmerman: Spring Summer 2013 Swim Campaign

 photo 121021_17_3346-ret-a_zpsb2c6cd64.jpg
 photo 121021_13_2727-ret-a_zps9d9d361e.jpg
 photo 121021_14_2889-ret-a_zpse875aef7.jpg
 photo 121020_01_0144ret_b_zpse2c23bd8.jpg
 photo 121021_12_2623ret-a_zps7690bc42.jpg
 photo 121021_09_2270-ret-a_zps0e7b7f6a.jpg
 photo 121021_10_2292-ret-a_zpsccd05cc7.jpg
 photo 121021_08_2078ret_a_zps43ddbd0e.jpg
 photo 121021_15_3041-ret-a_zps7df6c061.jpg
 photo 121020_07_1738_ret-a_zps41034b20.jpg
 photo 121020_03_0756ret_a_zps0ba4243b.jpg
 photo 121020_06_1648ret_a_zps2ca4e753.jpg

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

William Wegman X ACNE Studios

 photo wegman12_zpsf0a9cd2f.jpg
Hat Dogs, 2013
Signed and numbered edition of 100 prints
Pigment print on 100% acid free semi gloss cotton rag

Acne Studios is proud to offer a limited edition print of the photograph 'Hat Dogs' by William Wegman, available exclusively on The print is taken from a collaboration between the artist and Acne studios featuring Wegman's famous Weimaraner dogs wearing pieces from Acne studios spring summer 2013 collection.

All profits will be donated to Heifer International, a global non profit organization with the goal of ending poverty and hunger through various projects around the world.
 photo portfoliowegman1_zps44735e3c.jpg
 photo portfoliowegman2_zpsa680d3a4.jpg
 photo portfoliowegman3_zps931d0dc9.jpg
 photo portfoliowegman4_zps70dd2391.jpg
 photo portfoliowegman5_zps7be9a015.jpg
 photo portfoliowegman6_zps5f1d1e7a.jpg