Friday, February 15, 2013

Zara / TRF Lookbook

Check out TRF's February lookbook + our must have pieces
Studded Velour T-shirt
$59.90 USD
Ethnic Pattern Short
$69.90 USD
Rustic Silk Embroidered Ethnic Scarf
$89.90 USD
Combination Print Trousers
$59.90 USD
Printed Quilted Cardigan
$99.90 USD
Embroidered Skirt
$79.90 USD
Polka Dot Jeans
$59.90 USD
Jeans with Side Stripe
$59.90 USD
Denim T-shirt with Embroidered Yoke
$59.90 USD
Ethnic Pattern Jeans
$59.90 USD
Faux Leather T-shirt
$35.90 USD

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