Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Style Stalker / Me & Lex

We can't get enough of Me & Lex, a style blog that we discovered recently. The two sisters behind Me & Lex are addicted to piling on the good stuff and when we say good stuff, boy is it good. They started their fashion blog recently in which they showcase their latest creations. They create the most magnificent pieces by piling on loads of vintage jewelry bought in flea markets and designer brands. They pile up the most unique necklaces, bracelets and rings so if you guys ever want to get some inspiration on how to stack, combine and layer your jewelry, Me & Lex is the site.

Frost yourself!
- Me & Lex

Take a peak to some of their creations: 

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  1. Where do i buy this?????????????????????? I WANT ONE!

  2. Are you girls on Pinterest?
    Nimsy5645, Twitter, Pinterest :)