Monday, February 25, 2013

Sister's Gourmet / Baking A Different Since 1995

We are obsessed with Sisters Gourmet baking jars, they do all the measuring for you! Simply dump one of their adorable jars (filled with pre-measured ingredients) into a big bowl, add wet ingredients according to the instructions, stir, shape and bake. You'll have homemade cookies or brownies emerging from your oven and perfuming your kitchen in no time. 
Popular flavors:
Crisp & Colorful Coconut Salter Caramel Blondie Mix
(Coconut Salted Caramel Blondie Mix mades a pan full of chewy treats, loaded with coconut, caramel and a touch of sea salt.)
$13.99 USD
Crisp & Colorful Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Inspired by the birth of Suzy's triples, these moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies are made with a trio of milk, dark, and white chocolate chips. Not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies!)
$13.99 USD
Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
(These soft and buttery cookies are loaded with the richest chocolate chips)

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