Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SHOP: Michelle Elizabeth / Collars

We got to hang out with a super cool chic Michelle, owner and designer of Michelle Elizabeth, trust us she makes the coolest collars. She started making collars back in 2011 when she moved to Dallas, and spent days in a row not sleeping, just sewing. Her Hollywood Summer Collection was inspired by Hollywood starlets and glamour. Michelle says, "it is based off my love for sewing, fashion, accessories, and movies. It's a great combination of everything I love basically." 

Michelle makes cute embellished collars, with studs, pearls, zippers, and fun prints. She even told us that she is creating unisex skinny ties and bow ties pretty soon, we can't wait to see her latest creations, pretty sure that she will amaze us all. 

Michelle was kind enough and gave us few minutes of her time to answer to some questions, check out what she said in her exclusive interview with Fashionation:

1. When did you start designing clothing and what motivated your to start?

I started sketching in middle school and after I graduated high school, I knew what i wanted for my future. What motivated me the most, was that life was too short to live the same day twice. 

2. What was your inspiration for your latest collection?

I started my collection this year. I would watch movies on my laptop while I sewed. Once I ran out of recent movies to watch, I started watching classic films like Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn and the Seven Year Itch with Marylin Monroe. These movies and Hollywood Icons inspired my collection. I wanted to create timeless pieces like these timeless films. 

3. What are 5 key pieces every women should have in her wardrobe?
In my opinion, it is all about versatility. 1. having a pair of shoes that go with any outfit; nude or black pumps. 2. accessories; scarves, handbags, hats. 3. an outfit that works well day and night. 4. black dress. 5. jewelry

 4. What do you plan to design in the future?
I would like proceed in my accessories collection, making unique items that my customers may use to express themselves. one of my main aspirations, is to win an oscar for costume design.

5. What are your beauty essentials? Those that you can't live without?
Concealer, Eyeliner, chapstick, clean & clear facial scrub are a must!  

6. So far, what are favorite fall trends for 2012?
Definitely a Michelle Elizabeth faux collar, trench coat, combat boots, yarn hats and scarves, stalkings, leggings.

7.  What pieces did you enjoy the most designing and why? 
I enjoyed making the Holly Golightly collar, the Marylin, Elizabeth Taylor,  Zipper Fresh, and the Peter Pan Collar the most. I took time to make each collar unique. I loved making the Holly Golightly the most because it was my own tribute to the classic Breakfast at Tiffanys dress with the pearls. It took a lot of dedication and patience to make each collar.I mostly enjoyed the push and motivation I gave myself to sew every night till it all was complete. 

8. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? What's your educational background?
Pisces: patient, creative, loving..and a nerdo.  I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I went to Miami University of Art and Design. BA of Fashion Merchandising. Took two years of sewing classes in Learn 2 Sew Florida. and Mostly self taught by correcting my own mistakes. Never give up!
Holly Golightly Collar featured in Design District Magazine
Grace Kelly Collar for Funk + Grace 

Collars range from $45 USD to $65 USD

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