Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIOR / Summer Goes Pop

The Cruise collection now extends to your fingertips, thanks to a new trio of exclusive nail polishes.

Mango, watermelon and lime: these colorful fruits grow in far-flung paradise, and are the essential ingredients in refreshing summer cocktails. Like a burst of sunlight in winter sky, the new Cruise collection nail polishes brighten a look with mouthwatering colors. They are "the finishing touch" in a style that is iconic and effervescent, colorful and luminous - just like those in the very first Dior nail polish campaign, in 1962, which announced, "Today, Dior's four shining letters alight on the tips of your ten fingers." 

Exactly 50 years later, the house nail polishes remain just as fresh and sparkling. For the 2013 Cruise line, they come in luminous, fruity yellow(Mango), luscious pink(Watermelon) and tangy green(Lime). This season, gourmet, shiny polishes make nails look almost good enough to eat. Ever since it introduced its first nail colors, the House of Dior has opted for shades that are "vibrant, provocative, fascinating and ultra-sophisticated."
Dior Vernis
$23.00 USD

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