Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jetworthy / A Jewelry Rental Site

Jetworthy just launched it's services this month. A online borrowing service for luxe fashion accessories. You can choose from three different plans, all which let you borrow as many items as you want, and  you get your next one as soon as you return your previous one, just like Netflix. The $35-month plan lets you choose stuff worth up to $350 each, $45-month plan offers jewels for up to $450, and the most luxe $55-month  stuff worth for up to $1,100 USD. 

Find designers like Lulu Fors, Kenneth Jay Lane, Anton Heunis, Erickson Beamon, Gemma Redux and Mawi.
Our top favorites:
Anton Heunis
Worth $350.00 USD
Lulu Frost
Worth: $420.00 USD
Erickon Beamon
Worth: $360.00 USD
Worth: $902.00 USD
Kenneth Jay Lane
Worth: $450.00 USD

To become a member click here:

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