Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BEAUTY: Bullseye Lashes

We want to introduce you to the makers of the first refillable false eyelash compact, Bullseye. This amazing brand has created eighteen different styles from everyday natural to going out glam to ultra dramatic. Each compact comes with one lash set(made from 100% natural hair) along with an interior mirror, to easy apply them on the go. We love them, they are easy to use and they offer different styles to suit every personality. What's you favorite style?

"Out idea is to create a travel-friendly, functional and fashionable accessory for false eyelash aficionados"
- Bullseye

Our Top Picks
AMY "I'am just a girl"
$14.00 USD
Amy lashes are full volume lashes with extraordinary, graduated length. Attention-grabbing, statement making-lashes!
BILLIE "I'am just a girl"
$14.00 USD
Billie lashes are moderate length, super full volume false eyelashes. Thick, sultry lashes...glamour all the way!
CYNDI "I'am just a girl"
$14.00 USD
Cyndi lashes are subtle length, subtle volume false eyelashes. This adorable lashes are subtle with a little extra curl in the tips.

To buy click on the link below:

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