Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Terrain: Marshmallow Twig Roaster

Not so long ago we introduced you to a website called Terrain, remember? A place that let's you shop for inspiring home and garden decor, furniture, containers, gifts, personal care items, locally sourced and prepared artisan food in addition to found objects and antiques from around the world. 

Terrain releases great new products every week and just last week  they introduced us to their Marshmallow Twig Roaster, perfect for a camping trip or backyard fire. This steel and wood marshmallow roaster is by far the best roaster we have ever seen. It can hold enough marshmallows and hotdogs to feed and entire family or group of friends. Don't you just love it? Roasting marshmallows had never been so easy. 
Marshmallow Twig Roaster
$18.00 USD

To buy click on the link below:

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