Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paris: Lampe Berger

Did you ever hear of Lampe Borger? We just discovered it, can you believe this luxurious fragrance brand made it's first Lampe Borger lamp in 1898? Yup, the lamp was created by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify air in hospital wards. Today the company makes beautiful ceramic and porcelain pieces meant to delicately perfume a room while purifying the air and destroying odors. 

"Lampe Berger offers objects d'arts that add fragrant dimensions to a home without an open flame. Where other products mask unpleasant odors, Lampe Berger actually purifies the atmosphere before perfuming it."
- Lampe Berger

Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso were the first "well known people" to appreciate it.
Lampe Berger Carat Fragrance Lamp
Topaz Glass 
$77.00 USD
Lampe Berger Athena Fragrace Lamp
 Clear Glass 
$88.00 USD
Lampe Berger Paris Gold Leaf Perfume Lamp 
$110.00 USD

Lampe Berger Paris Gold Leaf Perfume Lamp 
$110.00 USD
Lampe Berger London Perfume Lamps 
$99.00 USD

Lampe Berger Beaux Art Cube Perfume 
Lamp, White 
$88.00 USD
Lampe Berger Generous Fragrance Lamp 
Black Porcelain 
$55.00 USD
Easy scent by Lampe Berger Fragrances 

Diffuser Sphere White 
$75.00 USD
Easy scent by Lampe Berger Black Wood 
Fragrance Difusser Cube 
$116.00 USD

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