Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MAC: Permanent Nail Color Collection

Mac cosmetics is a great brand, they always come up with great new products in their themed collections and creative collaborations. These products are available for a certain period of time, and then we never get to see them again. Today MAC counts with eight different nail colors in their permanent collection, the rest you can only buy them when they become available. Don't you just hate that? Well great news, this summer MAC is announcing a huge change. 

If you ever bought a great nail color at MAC and you couldn't find it again because it was from a special collection, you will be able  to buy it again starting this Summer '12, MAC will be launching a permanent collection of 30 colors, some new, and some of your old favorites.

The nail laquer collection is going to be available at Nordstrom and MAC stores on July 5, and on August 2, online, for $16(USD) each. 

Check out all the nail polishes that will be available? Did your favorite color made it in the list?

Faint of Heart - Skin - Soirée - Fiestaware, Morange - Impassioned - Shirelle - Sparks OnScreen - Flamint - Rose - Rougemarie - Vintage Vamp - Mean & Green - Formidable! - Midnight Tryst - Deep Sea - Delicate - Snob - Girl Trouble - Saint Germain - Steamy - Girl About Town - Screaming Bright - Quiet Time - Coffee Break - Anti-Fashion - Dark Angel - Spirit of Truth - Discothéque - Nightfall - Nocturnelle - Overlacquer

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