Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JCrew + The Man Who Dressed America

To all JCrew fans, you can't miss this special segment by CNBC, which will premier Thursday, May 24 at 10PM!

This documentary will show you the inner-workings of JCrew, from the fabric sourcing with Dexler in Italy, to styling the catalog with Jenna Lyons and maximizing JCrew stores' selling power. The doc also includes interviews with Libby Wadle and Anna Wintour who says of the brand: "It just didn't really enter the conversation until Mickey was there".

CEO Mickey Dexler, is the man, the "king of retail", he has made JCrew into what it is today, a must-wear brand. To learn more about him watch the segment: "JCrew and the man who dressed America" 

Not to mention Jenna Lyons President of JCrew has also been a huge contributor to JCrew, i love her style and what she has done with the company.

Here is a preview:

Fore more information click on the link below:

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