Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bless The Mess: Jackets for the Chic Urban Femme

Bless the Mess was born from a shared passion for fashion and style, between two best friends. Their travels around the world and encounters with diverse people have enriched their nomadic lives, and it is as a result of these experiences that they have decided to collaborate. This synthesis of spirits has created a collection of jackets for the chic urban femme, a free spirit who appreciates details and ethnic adornment. Bless the Mess is colorful contradictions. A brand that generates inspiration from worldly authentic encounters amalgamated with a sense of freedom.What began as a small shared dream has developed into a real studio in the city of Barcelona. “We want to create a clothing brand that is reflective of our passion so that we can share our fashion perspective with likeminded women.”
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  1. ¿¿¿BLESS THE MESS on the Court due debts to suppliers???