Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Limited Edition Dom Perignon By Jeff Koons

"Dom Perignon by Jeff Koons" prolongs the encounter between Dom Perignon and Jeff Koons. After creating the Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon Rose, Jeff Koons transposed its creation and re-designed the iconic and gift box, by taking inspiration from the shapes and colours of Balloon Venus. 
This Limited Edition is the ultimate expression of the fruitful collaboration based on absolute shared vision of the power of creation and of collaboration. "Being creative is trying to expand what the possibilities are", says Jeff Koons. Within the gift boxes, we discover, with an exceptional playfulness and intensity, two Vintages of the year: Dom Perignon 2004 - intense, elegant and radiant - and Dom Perignon Rose 2003 - vibrant, seductive and infringing. A promise of a both divine and profane experience. 

The Gift Box

The gift box was designed by Jeff Koons himself, for both Dom Perignong Vintage 2004 and Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2003, with a careful all-embracing conception of the outside and the inside facets. The outside reproduces on a dark background the Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon matching their colour with the cuvee: pink for the Rose and yellow for the Blanc. A view of the artist's studio is visible on the reflective surface of the Balloon Venus and refers to the creative energy of the artist. The image is underlined by Jeff Koon's signature 

From the outside, the gift box entendes the feeling of being in the presence of Balloon emus, as the reproduction sets a 360 degree view of the object. 

The gift box opens to expose the bottle, unveiling first an elaborate design that simulates the iridescent interior of the original sculpture made of high chromium stainless with transparent colour coating dress. The iconic Dom Perignon bottle erupts, exactly as it does from the body of the Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon, magnifying the revelation. 

Dom Perignon Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons is produced of high quality polyurethane resin, and is manually assembled and hand polished in France. It is priced at 15,000 EUR (excluding local taxes) and will be available on demand from a limited run of 650 pieces worldwide, with the first delivery starting on September. As each piece is handcrafted and made-to-order, the delivery date is determined by the availability of the piece. To reserve contact your local Dom Perignon representative. 

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