Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Introducing the New iPhone 5s & 5c

iPhone 5s Forward Thinking

iPhone 5s is purposefully imagines. Meticulously. Precision crafter. It's not just a product of what's technologically possible. But what's technologically useful. It's not just what's next. But what should be next. 

iPhone 5 set a precedent, with an amazing amount of technology in a remarkable thin, light, design. iPhone 5s builds on that achievement with Touch ID - a finger identity sensor. An A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. An even more impressive iSight camera. And ultrafast LTE wireless. 

iPhone 5s is the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. And IOS 7 was designed with that in mind, built specifically for 64-bit architecture. Which makes IOS 7 just as advanced as the iPhone it's on. 

iPhone 5c For The Colorful 

Color is more than just a hue. It expresses a feeling. Makes a statement. Declares an allegiance. Color reveals your personality. iPhone 5c, in five anything-but-shy colors, does just that. It's not just a for lovers of colors. It's for the colorful.

A6 chip, 8MP iSight camera. 4-inch Retina display. Ultrafast LTE wireless. iPhone 5c has the things that made iPhone and amazing phone - and more, including IOS 7. All in a completely new design that feels great in your hand.

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