Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ

Never wear the wrong foundation again!

Color IQ is the first and only beauty service to scan the surface of your skin, assign it a color IQ number, and then find your scientifically precise foundation march from over 1,500 options.
Visit your local Sephora to find our your color IQ number and receive a colors IQ consultation. Then snap a photo to share your Color IQ experience with friends with #mycoloriq.
How does Color IQ work?
Traditional cameras take pictures using ambient lighting. But Sephora's handheld Color IQ device captures in pitch darkness - allowing the tool to focus on skin's physiology and eliminate several variables that often distort shade selection. 
What is the Color IQ skin tone library?
The Pantone Color Institute researched and then mapped out 110 skin tones to build the Color IQ Library. Created exclusively for Sephora, this chart categorized skin's surface tone and undertones to help determine foundation matches.

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