Thursday, July 4, 2013

Call Me Cupcake: Lilac Sugar

Clean, dry lilac petals (preferable purple as they are very fragrant)
Granulated sugar
A jar

Layer flowers and sugar in a jar. Let stand dark and cool for a few days, shake every now and then. Now you sugar is ready to use. Perfect for baking or in a cup of tea.
 photo 8870039489_4d91574610_o_zpsc38cad96.jpg
 photo 8870040079_b382ab6b7c_o_zps93d9bc99.jpg
 photo 8870651576_a91ee62fc8_o_zps2bd8082e.jpg
 photo 8870650708_4cd47a3c85_o_zpsa017da0e.jpg
 photo 8870651076_08db04eef4_o_zpsa06f4907.jpg

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