Monday, July 15, 2013

Architectural Digest: Aerin Lauder's World

Aerin Lauder's new furniture and accessories collections
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The design talent's namesake lifestyle brand debuts three new collections celebrating a sunny, easygoing spirit. 

Envisioned as a cosmetics, fashion, and furnishings company, Aerin made its debut last year with beauty products, scented candles, and home accessories, and expanded this spring to include footwear, sunglasses, and jewelry. A fabric and rug collection has just launched, and two more lines - furniture and lighting - will roll out September. Lauder is also coming out with a book, Beauty Home, a colorful, inspiring guide to domestic elegance that will be published later this year.

"I love to decorate a room - from the furniture to the object to the books," says Lauder, who has held key positions within the family business for more than two decades. In fact, one of her childhood obsessions was a dollhouse, the rooms of which she'd constantly alter to accommodate a variety of scenarios. Today the statuesque executive with the Mona Lisa smile may be working on a larger scale but her creative impulse remains the same. 

The entrepreneur's celebrated family and personal life infuse her line. "I think people love having a person behind a brand who lives it," Lauder says. "The idea of storytelling is really important." That story, of course, includes nods to her famous grandmother, most visibly in the new collections' multitude of accents in gold - a favorite of Estee's - evident in everything from the burnished base of the Maylen side table tot he gleaming threads shooting through the Fiske Bermuda rug.
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