Friday, June 7, 2013

Music: Robby Hunter Band 'Hard On Me'

After a long year busking in the sun-drenched, sin-ridden streets of Miami, Robby Hunter found himself being gently pushed farther down his path towards musical greatness. Moving bodies on the sidewalk with his one-man band setup, Robby had been serenading the local co-eds for months until the local authorities threatened to incarcerate him if he did not "leave or play in a real bar"

Now it's five years later, and the Robby Hunter Band (Robby, guitar and vocal; Pat Howard, drums.; John Coughlin, bass) is playing more than their fair share of South Florida's premier venues, gathering an ever larger following an anticipation of their soon-to-be released debut album. With their first tow singles "Corazon" and "Hard On Me", Robby and his merry men are bringing unique blend of Indie funk and Hip Hop straight out from Miami and to the people. 

Check out their fresh mix "Hard On Me", our favorite! 

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