Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do Women Make Better Wine Tasters Than Men?

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Do women make better wine tasters than men?

"There were two groundbreaking studies, one in Cardiff and the other in Pennsylvania, which both showed that women consistently outperformed men in matter of odor identification and smell. Furthermore another study at Yale identified that about 25% of the population had the potential to be super tasters, with the ability to taste more sensitively than the remainder of the population. The so-called super tasters had more taste buds and a greater sensitivity to taste differences.

The researchers found that women were the majority in this category. Furthermore, it was realized that men tend to categorize wine using the left side of the brain. Scores, ratings and all the details surrounding the wine are important. Women are more likely to use the right side of the brain, which is more sensory, creative and artistic. A man in generally interested in the minutiae of the wine. A women is more interested in the taste." ~ post

The correct answer is a definite maybe?

While not necessarily true, chances are that women are better tasting wine's flavor subtleties which is at least partially credited for the rise in female wine tasting experts. The ability to correctly analyze sensory details still does not accurately predict a match to any one individual's palate though. To test the theory, an interesting twist to hosting a modern wine tasting party may be to separate your group of friends based on gender and compare the overall judging results for variation between the sexes.

Another may be to compare individual couples taste opinions to one another. Marketing studies have shown that the majority of wine is purchased by women and therefore most home bars are probably stocked with hand picked wine selections from the lady of the house. Does your palate match your spouse's taste in wine?

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