Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple: Unveiled. And Unbelievable WWDC June 10, 2013

Explore the hardware, software, and services presented at WWDC.

iOS 7 started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable - but still feel instantly familiar. The design of iOS 7 is beautiful because it's all of those things. And it's the start of a new chapter for iOS

All-new features
Control Center, Airdrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking are just a few of the great new features in iOS 7. And all your favorite apps have been enhanced to make everything even easier to get to and use. So with iOS 7, not only is you device more capable, you are, too.
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at35002PM_zps1ca949ab.png  photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at34943PM_zpsc00398d6.png  photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at34923PM_zps290822d3.png  photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at34903PM_zps60dc5479.png
OS X Maverick
 photo hero_wave_zps8a7b4e31.jpg
New Features For:
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at41211PM_zps457bef09.png
iTunes Radio
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at42557PM_zps870c5c86.png
iTunes Radio is streaming radio with the best selection of music. It builds and brings together stations you'll love love from day one. All the more you listen, the more personalized your stations become. Turn it up this fall for free. It's radio re-imagined.

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