Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet the Bra Dryer 2.0

Are you tiered of damaging your bras by drying them in a conventional dryer? If so, you're not alone. Women also dry their brass by line drying them, hanging them up on a shower bar or door knob, or by using a hair dryer. However, all of these methods of drying luxurious bras are impractical and will most likely damage your bras. Bras with underwired need to be treated with special care because the delicate components can get damaged from conventional drying methods. That's why the Ricasol Bra dryer 2.0 was invented. 

Ricasol is a ground-breaking concept of appliance that is designed to dry your bra quickly and efficiently. It also helps preserve your bra's shape, making your shape the best it can be. The approximate drying time in only 20-30 minutes as opposed to the hours it normally takes to air dry your simple or luxurious bras. More technically speaking, Ricasol uses a infrared light that gently warms up your bra and evaporates the moisture in the bra padding and fabric. 

You can now dry your bras without worrying about damaging their spandex material, underwire, and other features that help your bra maintain its shape and pretty appearance. 
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 photo 01-large_zpsfb30d0a8.jpg photo 03-large_zps095c15d5.jpg
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