Monday, April 29, 2013

Topshop's Mannequin Wheel

Designed by NEON architects for the RIBA Regent Street Windows project, a spinning colour wheel highlights different merchandise over the course of the week, while from inside the store customers get a glimpse of the complex industrial structure that supports it all.
 photo 61_topshop12-agnesesanvitoweb_zps88e23419.jpg  photo 61_topshop4-agnesesanvitoweb_zpsb8c87e5a.jpg  photo 61_topshop1-agnesesanvitoweb_zps2106e81e.jpg
 photo 61_topshop17-agnesesanvitoweb_zpsed936a9d.jpg
Photos by Agnes Sanvito

Topshop London, April 2013

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