Monday, April 1, 2013

The Deli Garage / Food Cooperative

The Deli Garage is a delicatessen food label that offers fine foods from regional producers in unique, original and lovingly designed packages, sold using the expertise of a professional distribution network.

Food Finish
The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with a small food manufacturer that provides top quality food coloring to upmarket pastry and cake shops. 

Available in gold, silver, red and blue.
Honey Bond
A delectable means of sticking bread, croissants and crepes together, and a little sweet refinement for desserts, hot drinks, and sauces, too. 

Coco-mint: German honey, cocoa, bourbon vanilla, mint-oil.
Vanilla: German honey, bourbon vanilla.
Cinnamon: German honey, Ceylon cinnamon.

Choco Glue
Once you try it, you'll immediately know what you've been missing in ordinary chocolate spreads. Chocolate Glue is made traditionally by hand using carefully selected cocoa beans and only the best hazelnut oil. 

Chocolate Glue: hazenut praline(49.5% hazelnuts, soy, lecithin, emulsifier, sugar),hazelnut oir, cocoa. 
Chocolate Glue with Biscuit: hazelnut praline 49.5% hazelnuts, soy, lecithin, emulsifier, sugar), hazelnut oil, cocoa, biscuit chips (flour, sugar, lactose, milk protein, concentrated butter, vegetable fat, sodium bicarbonate baking powder, barley malt).

Olive Oil Change
You'll find the aromatic Arbequina olives that give Oil Change its smooth, fruity taste growing in Spain's mil climate. For more that 75 year, a small family-run business in Catalonia has been making olive oil using old traditional methods-exclusively by hand and in temperatures below 27 degrees centigrade. Only this hand-pressed olive oil can actually be called virgin. Using a complex procedure, whole lemons, crisp chillies or fresh rosemary are directly pressed with the olives, keeping their precious essential oils safe and sound. That is what makes oil change so special. The result is a flavored olive oil of the highest quality.

Lemon: extra virgin olive oil, lemon.
Rosemary: extra virgin olive oil, rosemary.
Chilli: extra virgin oil, chilli.

Multi Noodles
Nearly two decades of experience go into making this pasta. A small family-owned business in Burgenland, Austria, produces this handmade pasta-shapes like screws, nuts and bolts-especiallu for the The Deli Garage using a traditional recipe of seminal and fresh organic eggs. 

Duram wheat semolina, six fresh eggs per kilogram, salt.
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