Monday, April 29, 2013

Giorgio Armani & Luxottica present Frames of Life

Frames of Life
Timeless Portraits Relate Contemporary Personalities

Frames of Life, the eyewear campaign launched in 2010, return to the stage. This time the frame is a cafe in a big city square, a place where an unceasing flow of people converges, all with one thing in common: the choice to wear Frames of Life glasses. Each photo captures one person in a real-life instant, revealing aspects of his or her personality and story.

LUC Writer
Luc has always written stories, about people. 
Today marks the launch of his debut novel, "Frames of Happiness".
Snapshots of different lives meeting, moments that mark the destiny of men and women.
Like the one Luc is experiencing: seeing his first novel on 
the shelves of a bookstore.
Today Luc is happy. Today Luc became a writer.

Stay tuned for Nina, Carlos, Lucille & Adrian's Frames of Life debuting in the coming weeks.

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