Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Louis Vuitton / Street Style Artists

Louis Vuitton has invited three personalities from the world of street art to give a new looks to its emblematic scarves. Under Aiko, Retna, and Os Gemeos' impulsion, the giant scarf, the stole and the regular silk scarf devote themselves to a new look, with inscriptions and colors bursting with style. 
Born in Tokyo and working in New York, Aiko is known for her pop-style with its manga inspiration and brings together elements from Western culture and Asian culture into a giant square for this first collaboration with the brand. Aiko collages the iconic Louis Vuitton signature with splashes of vibrant colors, traditional kimono patterns,the presence of the woman, the artist's motif, the symbol of love and beauty-two core massages of her work.
Based in Los Angeles, Retna began painting murals on walls, trains and roadways, using sign writing from traditional alphabets in Arab, Asian and Hebrew cultures as well as old English font and graffiti. Today, it is Louis Vuitton signature that inspired him to reinterpret the shifting and fluid cashmere and silk stole. The combination of water colors and Retna's vision created a graphical, almost mystical design. 
Os Gemeos'
Known as Os Gemeos', the twin brothers from Sao Paulo are best known for their fantastic and expansive large-scale installation and murals. The main influences of their work come from the surroundings where they grew up, helping shape their aesthetic vernacular into a distinct and recognizable style. For this first collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the artist duo Os Gemeos' create a micro mosaic with the pattern of the sun and the moon and the silk scarf which symbolizes equilibrium and balance. 
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