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Architectural Digest / Celebrities Favorite Room

During awards season, it feels as if every last soul in Hollywood, down to the grips and handlers, receives an Oscar nod, an erstwhile mention in a speech, or at least a bro hug from the winner on the way to the podium.

Everyone knows there is an Academy Award for Production Design, honoring the remarkable sets and locations we see onscreen. But what about the exquisitely designed homes of the stars that end up housing all the gleaming statuettes?

At the National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the Golden Globes, the BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea Party, the SAG Awards, the 

Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards, and scores of other intimate celebrity-packed events, we asked the stars which room in their house wins for best design. And the envelope, please: Best-designed room goes to . .
While she recently won an Oscar for her emotion-charged role as Fantine in Les Miserables, at the National Board of Review Awards, Anne Hathaway suggested that she doesn’t yet believe she deserves any accolades for interior design. “My house is a disaster,” she said. “In L.A., I’ve got a pretty decent living room, though. At the moment it’s unfinished, but I’m heading toward cozy minimalism—kind of sort of French modern.”
Home doesn’t always feel homey, especially when you didn’t get to design it yourself. At the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, actress Rachel Weisz, seen here with her husband, Daniel Craig, claimed to be between houses at the time and didn’t feel that any of the rooms truly expressed her sensibilities. “I’m in a rental right now,” answered Weisz. “I didn’t design it. It’s very nice, but it was designed by somebody else for somebody else.”

Weisz and Craig at the Golden Globes.
Matt Damon, cowriter and costar of Promised Land, told AD at the film’s debut that he is proudest of a room he created pre-marriage and pre-kids. “I turned my basement, before I met my wife, into my kind of dream location,” he said. “It’s a total man cave—there’s a big screen, a gym, and a little video area. It’s really gorgeous.”

Damon at the Made In NY Awards.
Just before curtain time at the Manhattan debut of Les Mis, actor Hugh Jackman was practically trotting for the entrance of the Ziegfeld Theatre when we caught him. “The Richard Meier staircase,” he thoughtfully called out before ducking inside, referring to the spiral staircase in his double-height, Meier-designed living room. Formidable!

Jackman at the BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles.
“My bedroom,” answered fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg at the Target + Neiman Marcus event. “It’s not the look that matters, it’s the bed. It’s the quality of the sheets and the mattress.”

Von Furstenberg at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.
At the New York premiere of his film Django Unchained, actor Samuel L. Jackson was very enthusiastic about the design of his favorite room. “My bathroom is awesome,” he said. “I have a steam room, an overhead rain shower. I have spouts that come out of my shower in every direction. I have a big flat-screen television, a chair, a daybed, and even a Japanese toilet that opens up when I walk into the room.” Standing ovation.
“I would say my office area,” offered actress Allison Williams of Girls also at Target + Neiman. “I like rooms that are intuitive and simple. And I have this area behind my desk where there is a beautiful bookshelf. And it is very functional, because I can just swivel around and grab anything off the shelf.”
On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, wearing a strapless Armani gown with oversize beading, actress Olivia Munn singled out her fireplace room. “I have a 110-inch projection screen that comes down and a life-size Yoda that was used in the actual Star Wars. There were 120 of them made, and it’s so great—it’s like owning Harrison Ford.”
“The kitchen,” said actress Kate Bosworth at a Target + Neiman Marcus event. “It’s open and great for entertaining. I feel like people flock to the kitchen anyway. I love to cook. It’s a ’50s modern ranch . . . you know . . . warm.”
At the Target + Neiman Marcus event, model and activist Lauren Bush Lauren described her new living room with husband David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son; she moved in after David had decorated) as the most successful in their new home. “It’s a very open floor plan,” she said. “It’s a kitchen–living room–dining room. And there are both modern elements and antique. It’s beautiful!”
“My den,” answered model and actress Molly Sims at the Women in Film pre-Oscar cocktail party at Fig & Olive. “Because it has an amazing Damien Hirst in it.”
Sims at a Carolina Herrera fashion show.
“Sunroom,” said actress Zoe Saldana at Target + Neiman Marcus. “Because I really decorated it. And I have some Frida Kahlo artwork that I’ve collected.”
At the New York debut of The Impossible, Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa, seen here with actress Naomi Watts, chose his library. “Because that’s where I spend most of my time,” he said. “The walls are a great green shade. And I designed this one couch based on a sofa by Kaare Klint, the Danish designer. The lights are perfect. I have my pictures in there and all my great books.”
Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, married to Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, spoke to AD on her way into the Museum of Modern Art to honor Quentin Tarantino. “I think our kitchen works really well as a family room,” she said. “It is actually a big, open space, so the family never gets separated. We’re always together. It’s a mix of modern and functional, and there is space for everybody.
He may have left his heart in San Francisco some decades back, but legendary crooner Tony Bennett apparently still loves his Manhattan living room best. At the Target anniversary fĂȘte at an endless loft in West Chelsea, Bennett told AD, “It overlooks all of Central Park, from Central Park South all the way up to Harlem. Oh, it’s very nice. And it has a Japanese motif.”

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