Monday, February 4, 2013

Paul & Joe / Parisian Cosmetics

Who is the Paul & Joe Woman?
Women who are totally self aware and fuelled by an inner confidence. Women who are brimming with so much determination to enjoy life that they may seem a little hedonistic. She is savvy, stylish, and not afraid to address her needs and desires. Women who have these qualities, and at the same time project charm, passion and compassion. These are the women Paul & Joe is made for. 

"It's about having fun. I don't ask for advice, I just have things I love"
- Sophie Mechaly

Paul & Joe's 2013 Spring Creation "Carousel" - a thrill-ride of fashion which spins beauty, whimsy, and enchantment into a revolution of style! 

You'll be dizzy with delight, when you discover the whirling, twirling assortment of textures and tones that beguile with childhood innocence - and tempt with grown-up sophistication.

"Carousel" Spring 2013
- it's a ride you will remember
Lipstick CS
Pressed Powder CS
Cheek Color
Protecting Foundation Primer

The new protective Foundation Primer gives superb make-up hold but also super effect protection from skin damaging UV rays. 

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