Sunday, February 24, 2013

NuBra / Invisible Bra

The NuBra line was launched in 2002 after a decade of research and development culminated in a revolutionary, high quality silicone gel, perfect for enhancing a women's natural shape. This patented breakthrough, combined with a skin-friendly, reusable adhesive makes possible seamless, gravity-defying bra designs from NuBra, which are free from binging straps and offer a sleek, discreet look for today's daring, plunging necklines and skin-baring styles.

Top Favorite
Original NuBra
$65.00 USD

Free of any straps or side extensions, NuBra is a revolutionary invention that answers many women's prayers. NuBra features two silicone gel bra cups with a reusable adhesive backing that is FDA approved. 

This wonderful bra is soft and comfortable and feels like a natural part of you. By using the special front closure, you can experiment to create different degrees of cleavage and lift, by positioning the cups closer or farther apart. 

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