Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gizmon iCa / iPhone 5 Case

The worlds most innovative iPhone case, the Gizmon iCa is now available for the iPhone 5! Transform your iPhone into a working rangefinder camera. 
The iCa is a true fashion statement with leather cases and adjustable straps all which come in four great colors. Black, brown, red and green. 

- 5 accessory lenses that create a full range of amazing effects for  your iPhone photography. Fisheye, polarizing, center focus, cross screen (starburst).
- 3 image mirage filter that gives you the power to go far beyond simple iPhone photography. 
- Remote shutter, shaped like a 35mm film cartridge which makes a self portraits a breeze!

The iCa 5 works with all of your favorite iPhone apps as well! Instagram like never before!
$60 USD

To buy click here:

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