Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fred / Natural Spring Water

Did you spot Fred spring water already? With it's well designed shaped bottle, it's hard not to notice. Fred unlike most brands wants it's customers to reuse their bottles over and over again and don't encourage consumption. Fred supports water drinking in general-whether it be from the tap or from Fred.

Fred recently released a collection of t-shirts, made entirely of 100% recycled bootless collected from a facility in North Carolina. Believe it not, the t-shirts are constructed of nothing but recycled plastic, resulting in an impressively soft, lightweight feel. Support this initiative and buy yourself a Fred tee!

Fred 1000ml | 12 bottles

$21 USD

Fred 400ml | 20 bottles

$20 USD

Fred 600ml | 20 bottles

$24 USD

Black Tee
$27 USD
Silver Tee
$27 USD
Black Tee
"It is so right"
$27 USD

Fred also happens to be pristinely pure, velvety smooth natural spring water from deep beneath the Catskill Mountains in the USA. 

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