Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frends / Trendy Headphones

Cute headphones for women, let's face it all women have a favorite handbag or piece of jewelry that tells a story and these headphones look like a piece of crafted vintage jewelry, one that in fact plays music, but also accessorizes your outfit, what else can you ask for? Check out Frends super trendy headphones.

Frends headphones started back in 2006 by a group of guys in California. The intentional misspelling of the company's name stemmed from founder's belief that there is no "i" in "friend's".

"Changing the relationship between women and electronics"
- Frends
Ella B 
Consider these earrings for your earbuds
$99.00 USD
$199.00 USD
Rose Gold
$149.00 USD

As seen on Refinery 29

To buy click on the link below:

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