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Detox Delight / Well-being delivered

Detox Deligth, the detox at home specialists have created a New Year's program to help you recover from the holiday festivities, reenergize and start 2013 off in a healthy, balanced way.

Juice and Double Soup Deligth is a new seven-day detox program specially designed for the holidays with a light and heathy menu delivered daily consisting of four 500ml detox juices rich in vitamin and enzymes, and two delicious vegan soups. As an added bonus, a box of Detox Delight tea is offered with the seven-day plan, to optimize its benefits and round out this program to start your year off right. New Year's Special, Juice & Double Soup Delight detox plan 375 EU.
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Detox Delight's Philosophy

Detox Delight is a holistic approach for the long-term improvement of nutrition and thus the metabolism and well-being. Their products are designed for people who, despite their demanding professional private and social lives, don't wish to neglect their well-being. 

The focus is on natural, nutrient-rich diet to support the self-purification powers of your body. Together with the right amount of healthy exercise and supported by complementary treatments, they want to make their customers within their daily routine to achieve their own ideal weight.

Juice Delight

A treatment with pure juice is one of the best experiences  you can have: By not taking in any solid food (which requires about 60-70% of our body's energy to be digested) our digestive system and metabolism have a significant amount of less strain put on them. The cleanse process is significantly enhanced and you will have noticeably more energy and feel healthy and slum.
Super Green Delight

The latest Juice Detox program from Detox Delight was specifically developed to restore the acid-alkali balance in the body and to achieve an extremely deep level of detox. It floods the body properly with chlorophyll.

Super Green Delight is ideal for anyone with experience of Juice Detox wanting to go one step further to achieve an even more intensive detox effect. The plan is also suitable for disciplined, heathy-conscious people who gladly accept a small dietary challenge for well being and good appearance. It works on a cellular level, making you feel born again afterwards.
Juice & Soup Delight

Juice and Soup Delight is the liquid detox plan for all of those who like to have hearty warm dish from time to time. With our Juice & Soup Delight you receive 4 X 500ml Detox juices which are rich in enzymes and vitamin, to be drunk throughout the day, plus a delicious soup which only need to be heated briefly and which can be eaten for lunch or dinner. 
Juice & Dinner Delight

Our Juice and Dinner Delight treatment can be compared to a pure juice program, but is slightly less intense. It is the perfect combination of juice and food detox for all of those who feel they not make it without solid food (especially over a period of several days), but still wish to limit their food intake as fas as possible. In addition to the 4 fresh fruit and vegetable juices which are drunk every 2 hours over the day, you'll have a light vegan dish for dinner. 

Botanical Delight

Our natural, entirely vegan Botanical Deigns menus provide you a light and healthy diet which is easy to digest. Our balanced and varied daily menus are created based on up-to-date findings of nutritionist and inspired by international raw food and detox recipes. We don't use any dietary products, eggs, meat or fish recipes. The dishes do not contain gluten and, of course, we do not add preservative, artificial colors, flavor enhancers, refined sugar or cooking salt.
Detox Tea

Tea is liquid wisdom! Most of us have heard of that saying. And indeed, never underestimate the power of tea. Depending on the composition and how it is used, tea can not only make us more beautiful, it can also relieve and heal and have positive effect on our entire organism. Particularly, during a cleanse treatment tea can work wonders.

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