Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lady DIOR / Web Documentary Episode #1

Hope you get as excited as us, when you hear this. Dior is releasing an online documentary series, featuring French actress Marion Cotillard. Since 2009, Marion Cotillard has been the face of Dior exposing us to The Lady Noire, Lady Grey, Lady Blue, Lady Rouge and now revealing the elegance of Lady Dior through her exploration of the world of Dior. In this documentary Cotillard will take us on a behind-the-scenes, as she globe-trots and glams up for various red carpet functions, attends fittings and does other general fabulous things. In the process, viewers will be treated to little-sees footage of Dior's storied ateliers and the handiwork that goes into Dior's spectacular gowns.  

We are going to be releasing a new episode every day, so stay tuned!
Episode 1: Fantasia

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