Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Check out this amazing wrapping paper created by Wordless Design.
The whole idea began when designers Fabio and Francesca realized that they couldn't use their Christmas wrapping paper for a Birthday or a different occasion. So they tried to solve two practical problems: create a wrapping paper for every occasion, and to eliminate the need of a gift card to reduce waste of paper. So they came up with a search game themed paper to solve their problems. Don't you just love it? It's fun, creative and so unique.

Universal Wrapping Paper is printed on 100g natural uncoated premium paper on 50X70cm sheets and is totally writable. 

Choose between 20 different occasions: 
Merry Christmas / Happy Birthday / Happy Valentines Day / Happy Easter / Happy Thanksgiving / I Love You / I Miss You / Happy NameDay / Congratulations / Happy Retirement / Recover Soon / Greetings / With Love / You Are The Best / For Dad / For Mom / Enjoy / All The Best / It Is Not A Tie / It is Not A Perfume

All the word search solutions are printed on the inner side of the wrapping paper, making it simple to use.

To buy + for more info click on the link below:

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