Monday, October 1, 2012

AR: Etiqueta Negra

Etiqueta Negra is an Argentinean luxury brand that makes classic/stylish cloth for men and women. They create quality pieces with original designs, using simple cuts, using fine materials and color palettes that distinguish the classic brand, that represents the national emblem of Argentine dressing.

The brand started back in 2003 and is quickly expanding through the world. Even though they are a classic brand, they are always in constant search for new materials ranging from cotton to leather from silk. The brands inspiration comes from the owners passion for horses and classic cars. 

The brand has unique store interiors which we love, spacious, with wooden floors, all with a country style look, with classic bikes and cars displayed. 

The brand offers a line for men and women in Argentina, and in the USA only Men.
Men Lookbook:
(our favorite looks)
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