Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adia Kibur / Jewelry

Adia Kibur makes beautiful statement pieces that capture attention. Made from stunning stones, chains, beads, and sparkly accents. Adia Kibur jewelry provides a sense of timeless luxury: each handmade piece is crafted from unique materials, giving the design unmatched quality and value.

Dress up with a simple outfit and let Kibur's jewels do the rest, trust us you won't go unmissed.  
Crystal Spray Necklace
$95.00 USD
Neon Pink Mixed Chain and Stone Necklace
$120.00 USD
Metal Ethnic Necklace
$75.00 USD
Neon Intertwined Crystal and Suede Necklace
$70.00 USD
Chiffon Bead Necklace
$275.00 USD
Orange & Yellow Multi Stone Statement Necklace
$72.00 USD
Black Multi Stone Statement Necklace
$72.00 USD
Bright Pink Antique Bracelet
$120.00 USD
Yellow Antique Gold Necklace
$200.00 USD

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