Friday, September 7, 2012

Oscar de la Renta: Polishes / Fragrances

Oscar De La Renta, one of the most respected fashion designers just launched it's first line of nail polishes, plus a new line of fragrances. 

De La Renta's new line of nail polishes is composed of three colors: Red Carnation, a deep red, Aubergine, black and Larimer a baby blue shade. All colors seen on his fall runway show earlier this year. The three shades will be sold exclusively through, and if you want one you better hurry because only 700 bottles were produced!  

For Fashion's Night Out the designer launched his new line of fragrances, named Essential Luxuries. The line is composed of six delicious scents:

- Sargasso: reminiscent of De La Renta's home lapped by waves of the Sargasso Sea, has fragrant notes of salty air, fresh citrus, seaweed and refreshing cucumber. 
- Santo Domingo: where the designer was born, has a sweet spicy notes of coffee and tobacco leaves tinged with spicy mandarin, coriander, and patchouli notes. 
- Oriental Lace: meant to reflect the colorful luminous collections of the fashion designer, has notes of hoya carnosa flower, as well as honey, bitter almond, and dark cacao. 
- Carolina: inspired by the semi-precious stone from his birthplace, is a mimosa, violet, and orris eau.
- Mi Corazon: dedicated to his beloved daughter Eliza and sharing a precious memory with her, comprise notes of ylang-ylang petals mingled with touches of exotic peach.
- Granada: inspired by a trip in Spain, has notes of Jasmine, rose and orange blossoms, reflecting the lushness of the gardens of the city. 
Oscar de la Renta
Nail Polish
$22. 00 USD
To buy click on the link below:
Oscar de la Renta
Essential Luxuries
$150.00 USD
To buy click on the link below:

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