Thursday, September 6, 2012

APP: Sleep If You Can / Alarm Clock

Sleep If You Can is the new app everyone is talking about! This alarm clock will only turn off after you have snapped a few photos. Can you believe this? Yeah, so you won't be able to click on the snooze button or silence it until you get out of bed to take an exact picture of the one you shot last night. 

Here's how it works: When you first download the app, Sleep If You Can asks you to photograph different locations or items in your home(obviously locations and items far from your bed). Every time your alarm goes on Sleep If You Can shows you a different photograph for you to capture. The alarm won't stop until you spot and take an identical picture with your smartphone's camera. Great app to get yourself out of your bed! Try it!

1. Set Alarm
2. Choose alarm ringtone/method
3. Take a picture
4. Select a Picture
6. Take the same exact picture when the alarm turn on!
Sleep If You Can 

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