Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uk: Zanzan Sunglasses

Check out this really cool independent eyewear brand operating out of London. The brand was introduced in 2009 by Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend, to drag sunglasses out of the opticians and onto the catwalk. No wonder why their sunglasses rock! You won't find Zanzans in opticians or sterile sunglasses stores because Zanzan only sells in the world's best fashion boutiques. 

All of their sunglasses are 100% handmade in England and sold with beautiful handmade leather protective case.

"Fashion eyewear for fashion lovers"
- Zanzan

Check out Zanzans lookbook + some of our favorite styles:
$358.00 USD

$358.00 USD

Avida Dollars
$358.00 USD

$358.00 USD

For more information click on the link below:
To buy click on the link below:

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