Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty: DIY Beer Rinse

We all like a nice cold bear on a summer afternoon, it makes our day. But did you know that beer does incredible things to you hair and scalp? Yup, apparently the malt nourishes and smoothes the hair, and the yeast strengthens your strands and gives you volume. Today we are giving you a easy DIY beer rinse that we found in beautylish, one of our favorite beauty blogs, that will leave your hair shiny and soft.
The Beer Rinse
A shiny hair treatment and one of the easiest ways to reinvigorate dull, lifeless locks.

1 can of beer, room temperature (any brand)

After cleansing you hair with shampoo, pour the room temperature beer over wet locks. Massage the brew into your scalp for a few minutes, then rinse and condition.
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