Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art: Popsicles

Wondering what these color popsicles are made of? If you said sponge you are correct! PUTPUT a Swiss/Danish artistic group  that creates unconventional visual experiments based on conceptual thinking named their recent project "Popsicles". A series of shots trying to immitate a common object. This creative group did a great job, we never though a sponge could look like a popsicle, but here you have it, don't they look real? We love it,  we even decided to give each popsicle a fun name depending on it's appearance. Can you think of a better one? Leave your comments below

"In our work we are interested in reconfiguring, re-inventing and questioning the purpose and context of objects and situations associated with or part of everyday life."
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy and Watermelon
Pink Orange
Strawberries and Oranges
Blue Pineapple
Blueberries and Pineapple
Rocky Mountain
Chocolate with chunks of almonds
Polar Bear
Dark Chocolate with Cream Filling

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