Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BAFWEEK Spring/Summer 2012/2013

Argentina's most important fashion event starts today! Buenos Aires Fashion Week will take place in the La Rural starting August 7 ending August 10. 

You will be able to enjoy from daily fashion shows and from 25 showroom's where designers showcase their latest creations in an exclusive space. 

We will be posting pictures of our favorite looks and latest trends so stay tuned! 
General Admission: $37/pesos
VIP: $80/pesos


Tuesday, August 7

10:30hs. Chocolate - Paseo Alcorta (Shopping Mall)
14hs. Santana Textiles
15hs. Cheeky
16hs. Desfile BA presenta a Julia Shang Viton
17hs. Desiderata
18hs. Juana de Arco
19hs. Evangelina Bomparola
20hs. 12-NA
21hs. Wanama

Wednesday, August 8

10:30hs. Las Pepas en Paseo Alcorta (Shopping Mall)
14hs. Levi´s Set
15hs. Visentini
16hs. Quier
17hs. Desfile BA - Emilse Benítez
18hs. UMA
19hs. Desfile BA - Vero Ivaldi
20hs. Seco
21hs. Amores Trash Couture

Thursday, August 9 

10:30hs. Alló Martínez – Paseo Alcorta (Shopping Mall)
14hs. Lumina . Lucia Vidal
15hs. Mapa de Diseño: Con curaduría del Observatorio de Tendencias del INTI
16hs. Desfile BA - BENEDIT BIS
17hs. Mariano Toledo para Muaa
18hs. Desfile BA – TROYER
19hs. Vitamina
20hs. Fabián Zitta
21hs. Garza Lobos

Friday, August 10

10:30hs. Lupe en Paseo Alcorta (Shopping Mall)
15hs. Semillero UBA: Cintia Gabris y Noelia Miguenz hacen su debut en pasarela
16hs. Como quieres que te quiera
17hs. Desfile BA – DAM
18hs. Mariana Dappiano
19hs. Grupo 134
20hs. Desfile BA- Marcelo Giacobbe
21hs. Ona Saez
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